DOOMSDAY follows the daily lives of the residents of YESTERDAY’S PROMISE: a millennial cult and self-sustaining green-community hidden in the Catskill mountains. Featuring both present action inching toward doomsday and flashbacks revealing how and why each member came to join the secretive sect, the series explores the gray area where youthful idealism evolves into deadly extremism and documents the eerie final months leading up to a horrific Jim Jones style massacre.

Recent award-winning documentaries like Alex Gibney's GOING CLEAR and Will Allen's HOLY HELL have captured audiences interest as well as garnering critical acclaim by exposing the polarizing worlds of secretive religious groups. DOOMSDAY will be the first network narrative series to creatively explore this dark world in unflinching, gritty detail.

In season one, DOOMSDAY delves into the psychology of victims of Stockholm syndrome, and features storylines involving controversial conversion therapy techniques, a criminal investigation following a member’s murder, and an uprising from within the group when the cult leader is exposed as a fraud.




"Doomsday" is officially in the running for the 69th Annual Emmy Awards! Please consider the series under "Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama."

Today "Doomsday" is on IndieWire! Creator Sonja O'Hara will represent the series on a panel at SeriesFest called "Denver to London: BAFTA Storytelling Forum", "Join this transatlantic event to explore the craft of episodic and single drama writing. From Denver: Meet three creative pioneers on the vanguard of US independent episodic storytelling (Kit Williamson, Actor & Creator of "Eastsiders", Alan Tudyk, Actor & Creator of "Conman", and Sonja O'Hara, Actor & Creator of "Doomsday")who will discuss their journeys in an industry. Live from London, join BAFTA-nominee and Breakthrough Brit Vinay Patel (Murdered by My Father). This event will explore how emerging talent made it to the small screen with their big ideas."

The "Doomsday" creators have been chosen by a jury from Sundance Film Festival, MovieMaker Magazine & Austin Film Festival to be on The Independent Magazine's annual "10 Filmmakers To Watch" list. Past recipients have included "Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins and "Dear White People" producer Effie Brown!"

"Doomsday" has been selected as a finalist for the Sundance Episodic Lab. Recipients will be selected this summer!

"Doomsday" takes home BEST PILOT at AMC's HollyWeb Fest.

"Doomsday" creator Sonja O'Hara is interview this week by IndieActivity about the critically acclaimed series.

"Doomsday" is chosen by The Spectator as one of their "7 Webseries To Binge Watch."

"Doomsday" takes home the BEST DIRECTOR award at prestigious New York Television Festival out of 4000 festival submissions!

"Doomsday" takes home BEST DRAMA & BEST SERIES at Brooklyn Web Fest!

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"Doomsday" makes World Premiere at SeriesFest, described by the LA Times as "the Sundance of TV Festivals."